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Discrimination against obesity essay

discrimination against obesity essay

waist or abdominal circumference are far more reliable personal indicators of health outcomes than BMI. tags: WIC, ymca, children Strong Essays 3119 words (8.9 pages) Preview - Corpulence or Obesity as it is commonly known, is taking over the United States. I counter that, just because we do not have an effective way of maintaining long-term weight loss, does not mean we should pretend it is not a health goal. It is not necessarily junk foods that make people obese and fat. As rates of obesity climb, so does health care spending. The obesity epidemic in the US can be blamed on both Americans relatively sedentary lives and their unhealthy diets. Obesity isnt a person with a few extra pounds to spare. With obesity becoming more and more of a problem each year, the American population is going to suffer from a catastrophic health emergency. Already, Americans weigh on average 24 pounds more than they were in the 1960s (Hurst.p.). If we take in more calories than we burn off, the food then gets stored in our bodies as fat.

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Even if the data show a disparity between the health of people at a higher and lower weight, why do we define this as a risk factor located in the body rather than evidence of a health disparity due to weight bias, economic inequality, racism. World Health International reported, in 2008, more than.4 billion adults, 20 and older, were overweightover 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese. Some broader coping mechanisms that can help include raising the value of a stigmatized group and anticipating situations in which prejudice will be encountered. For example a child that drinks milk at dinner and sits with their family at dinner when asked what they want to drink when they are at a friends home will ask for milk because the child would associate milk with dinner. So where does that leave us? Some obese adults may have a more favourable fat distribution and are considered relatively healthy, but the number of obese adults who can maintain an optimal balance of fat stores in the long-term is not high. Population is considered to be overweight or obese according to the Centers for Disease Control. It has been noted that among severely obese people, about "28 of men and 45 of women said they have experience discrimination because of their weight" (Dye, 2008). The most disturbing finding was that they all thought it was funny.

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