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Why do you love your country india essay

why do you love your country india essay

parents and her in another room. Driving rules fitting ALL the things on bikes. The idea of things being lucky. The photos below reflect Delhi and Rajasthan. . As long as you drink filtered bottled water (that means brushing your teeth and rinsing using bottled water and not letting the shower water get in your mouth!) and eat at restaurants where your food is carefully prepared (as we do on all of our. Its a sign of friendship and this image from Varanasi 6 years ago is one of my favorite pictures Ive taken in India! You should also hang lime and chili on the back of your car for good luck on the road. I want to state only two aspects here because of shortage of time. This guy could sell a camel in Seattle! I dont know why I find it so funny, but its a hoot.

why do you love your country india essay

Finally I hear a foreigner saying g ood about my country India. Thanks a lot for visiting India and I am happy that.

I love my india for these reasons. And these are my personal choic. Is very flag is enough to love my country. I love my country for this very special. These are the moments that made me love India, the moments that.

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Its so annoying and amazing. I really love it lol, especially when its rice and curry and you just get the perfect little combo bite and scoop. Those are letter from a birmingham jail rhetorical analysis essay just tiny examples but to really understand it, you. Its been five years since Ived lived here and 6 since I first came traveling here. For me, travel is all about the experience, its more about feelings than iconic sights. For example, you shouldnt build a second story on your house. Jugaard, indians have ingenious and imaginative ways of fixing things its fascinating to watch and after a while you may find yourself thinking creatively and coming up with your own jugaard solutions! Dont go to hell, mate. This blog entry was written on June 2, 2012. . Road signs are funny. Safety on the road is safe tea at home. People riding around selling stuff on bicycles You can do window shopping a unique way here: from looking out your window to the street and buying stuff that passes.

In fact it would take a lifetime to see and experience all India has to offer!
The unity and tolerance in this densely populated country is quite inspiring.
India is a land full of contrasts, and I would say that you either hate.
My 7 reasons to love India and why it should be your next destination!

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