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Essay on ajanta paintings

essay on ajanta paintings

on Mauryan Sculpture. Dance Forms, classical Indian dances are among the most graceful and beautiful in the world. Mock Question for Mains: Examine how recent excavations of remnants of the Harappan Civilization in India have helped historians to understand Harappan culture. Sravasti Miracle: The circumambulatory passage is full of them. The paintings of the Ajanta and Ellora caves exhibit the creative genius of the artists of that period. GS1-Mains-2014 Question: Gandhara sculpture owed as much to the romans as to the greeks. Kangra school of painting, manjusha Art, madhubani Art.

essay on ajanta paintings

For a time it was thought that the work was done over a long period from the fourth to the 7th century AD, but recently long-time researcher Walter. Spink declared that most of the work took place over short time period, from 460 to 480 CE, during the reign of Emperor Harishena of the Vakataka dynasty. Sometime a question arises in everybody's mind that why we should worry about the conservation about our so called old, out-dated buildings, their remains, cultural heritage and other similar things.

The major classical dance forms of India are Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Manipuri, Orissi and Kuchipudi. Picture of Swami Raghavendara from a Calendar PaintingPortrait of a NoblemanPre-historic rock paintings of BhimbetakaQuilted Hat of a Vijayanagar NoblemanRaja Ram Mohan Roy (1774-1833)Ravana, the King of Sri Lanka Romancing Couple - Painting by Raja Raviverama. Images of India (through, anthroArcheArt. Hindu Kaves, Kailasha Cave, buddhist caves, Jain Caves, Indra Sabha, Junagadh caves, Elephanta caves. The have-nots just lay the foundation. 1200, the main religions were Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Naga Dwarpala : There is a Naga Dwarpala on the outer flank of the shrine. Org ajanta FrescosMonastic citadelBelur Temple SculpturesBibi-Ka-Maqbara (replica of Taj Mahal)Bodh Gaya Temples and Bodhi TreeEllora Temple SculpturesHalebid temple SculpturesHoysaleswaraKailasa rock templesSculpturesKhajuraho TemplesErotic SculpturesSri MeenakashiRed Fort DeliStupas at Sarnath Deer park)Taj MahalTiruparankundram templesVaranasi (Benares) temples and cremationsYamuna Gita Mander/Dwarkadhish Krishna Temple. MandagapattuGingee, jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art, Hyderabad, with links. Youtube Link: /GZH5OIu9Z0g, next lecture : Temple architecture of Gupta Age essays about graphic memoirs and South India.

Lecture Videos available under: m/user/TheMrunalPatel, powerpoints Available under, mrunal. There is a colonnade inside, composed of 26 pillars. Vijayanagara art, bundi School Of Painting, sunga art. Hindu Art(through, artLex ) The Arts of India(K. Caves: Nasik, Udavalli, Udaygiri, Eladipattam.

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