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How do you spend your winter holiday essay

how do you spend your winter holiday essay

now? (name4 tell me what (name2) do every day? Write me back as soon as you can! Next one is to go somewhere nice but not very crowded, and at a reasonable price. Present Continuous (affirmative sentence i like V ing, i d like to V1, the topic of the lesson: Winter Holiday. T: What other words do you know? P7: The winter is coming here.

Are you a cinema or theatre goer? T: Ok, lets train. (Click.) Slide 13: T: At home, I want you to answer Janes or Dannys letter. Every day I spend at the beach.

How to, spend, winter, holiday, lang-8: For learning foreign languages

how do you spend your winter holiday essay

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It is very exciting. P5: She spends three days at New Year festival. I get very lazy because it's cold outside and everywhere I go seems to get crowded. Look at the examples in the screen: study studies, fly flies Is it clear for everyone? First one is to clean up everything in my house. He also wrote about his winter holiday. (name2 tell me what you do every morning? Who can tell me when (in what cases) we use the Present Continuous?

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