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Higher education in pakistan essay pdf

higher education in pakistan essay pdf

for all local PhD. A b Munawar Naqvi. For each of these four core strategic aims/targets, the mtdf defines clear objectives and lists relevant programs (or physical targets) to achieve them, accompanied by appropriate Indicators (will put in the appendix at the end). In this regard, the objectives assigned to the PTF were, to review higher education in Pakistan and recommend ways of improving qualities (MoE: PTF 2002:6). Dial up Internet users Start point Today 18 Plummeting costs. All these initiatives indicate that, higher education in Pakistan has only recently received more ambitious emphasis than ever before and, over the years of reform, has also gained more certain directions and objectives targeted towards training and development of faculty members in different areas. In order to expand the quantity and improve the quality of higher education system, HEC also developed a Medium-Term Development Framework (mtdf) for a systematic process of implementation of the five-year agenda to respond to the growing demand of the 21 century in the wake. 10 According to the calculations performed by the Ministry of Statistics and published by Isani, around 430,000 students were enrolled in different universities to pursue their higher education over the fiscal period of 196065. 45 Dr Javaid Laghari the next Chairman continued the reforms initiated earlier. 4, the HEC also facilitated the development of higher educational system in the country with main purpose of upgrading the universities and degree awarding colleges in the country to be focal point of the high learning of education, research, and development.

49 Promoted research, resulting in huge expansion of international research publications from Pakistan from only 600 research papers /yr in 2003 to 4300 research papers in 2008. In this regard, HEC reform agenda identified the following key areas for improvement: Faculty Development, Improving Access, Promoting Excellence in Learning and Research, and Ensuring Relevance to the Economy. Institutional Reform: the challenges of governance; Curricular Reform: the challenges of pedagogy; Fiscal Reform: the challenges of fiscal solvency (TBG 2001:9-14). Established the finest Digital Library in Pakistan: Every student in every public sector university today has access to 45,000 textbooks research monographs from 220 international publishers as well as to 25,000 international research journals - regarded as one of the best digital libraries anywhere. Pakistan Educational Research Network Digital Library Program paksat 1 (Pakistan s Educational Satellite) Pakistan s International Videoconferencing Network 16 Information Technology Spread of Internet Services in Cities Towns of Pakistan Year 17 Internet user growth June 2000: 130,0: 12 million 1,000,000 - Jan-95 Jan-96 Internet.

higher education in pakistan essay pdf

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Massive anti- PPP demonstration broke out in all over the country over this issue in 2011 and student unions gathered in the federal government installations to oppose the merger. As all development starts with human development, recent researches revealed that investment in faculty development (for example; pedagogical methods, technology-based teaching tools and basic research skills) improves the performance of student as well (see Trigwell. It will also look at the causes while discussing the current initiatives and efforts undertaken by the HEC in order to transfer Pakistan into a Knowledge Based Societybut much of the discussion and analysis will be in chapter 4 of this study. Among them one was a fully established and functional university (i.e. The importance of higher education in developing (or low income) countries was brought out in the World Bank-unesco (2000) report prepared by the The Task Force on Higher Education and Society. Higher Education Transformation in Pakistan: Political Economic Instability, International Higher Education Quarterly (54 archived from the original on 27 February 2010, retrieved b Prof Atta-ur-Rahman (September 3, 2011). S ALL local PhD students now have opportunities to study abroad on sandwich PhD programs Strong Quality Assurance 14 Distribution of Approved Project Cost 14 15 Using Technology to Leap-Frog! Reform and Expansion of Higher Education Pakistan was one of the first countries, in the developing world, to support the Task Force recommendations and considered how it could be applied to the local context.

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