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(so we preferred to tap their cheaper capacity first). If you want to see whether government can protect us from tragedy of the commons, just look to countries that had the strongest authoritarian governments like ussr, Eastern Europe, North Korea, Cambodia, Venezuela, Cuba, and tell us how well theyve managed their resources compared.

Despite the opposite of all his predictions coming true, he claims to this day that his book was, "way too optimistic. The times that you get TOC problems is when government steps in, and gets between the parties (often using anti-Collusion or Anti-Trust laws to prevent cooperation and communication then things went to shit.

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In his essay, Sadler refutes Malthus' conclusions regarding the geometric growth of populations and proposes that the growth of populations is a far less worrisome menace. Hardin preached to the gullible, "Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all (or the corollary, "tyranny can save us). It was the cop interrogation technique where the guy that talks first gets a reduced sentence (but if they both talk, neither gets the deal). Which is why England (and most places) never had problems with commons. Since then, Fracking and tar sand extraction has brought the.S. There would be mass starvations and war in the 1970s and 1980s that would wreck civilization. And this zombie has more lives than a cattery. Those of us who have some idea of history, science, sociology, human nature, realize that individuals can cooperate for mutual interest just fine, and its been government interfering with those natural processes that has created far more problems than it has ever helped. But all the variants have a few things in common, their premise (humans can't control themselves and need government their proposed solution (giving up our liberty/money to government to fix it the outcome if we didnt act (our near term violent demise, to add immediacy. But his ideas long outlived the era where they were proven wrong, and were often repeated by the the left like Keynes, or to this day. Hey, he must be right, he used math. An Essay on the Principle of Population (first edition 1798).

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