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Essay on recycling of used paper

essay on recycling of used paper

has steadily increased. Recycling gives a sense of community involvement and responsibility. Waste is stuff we throw into the garbage because we do not want to use it no more. Glass cullet can be used in different ways. Garbage and waste will not disappear by itself according to the law of conservation of matter but we can find ways to reuse that matter in efficient earth friendly ways.

Cleanliness in the home and that of each indiviadual is closely associated with good health. It's just too easy to throw papers and other stuff you don't need on the ground. People really need to use the four R's: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Rethink. Recycling reduces the need for land filling and incineration and helps avoid pollution produced by these technologies. Glass can come in colors such as green or amber. It is believed that (the.S.) cut approximately 40 million newspapers each day, leading to the equivalent of about half a million trees ending in landfills every week. One is internal recycling. Recycling has come into play greatly since we are coming up on 2000years.

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We don't want it in our backyard! People litter too much and create too much air pollution. Access encrypted data anywhere, even if you don't have administrative rights. Recycling conserves natural resources, such as timber, water, mineral ores, from domestic and imported sources. S Department of Trade and Economic Development have developed a list of more than seventy uses of glass cullet. Paper, plastic, glass, aluminum cans are examples of some products that are recycled in large quantities. Every millions of dollars are spent only in packaging of these products which ultimately go to the garbage sites. A glass cullet is what glass manufacturers call broken glass which can be added to new materials. Our class has thought about other R's: Repair, Reclaim and Responsibility. Some people are trying to make a difference by using these R's as much as they can. People do not realize the importance of recycling.

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