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Essay on importance of catholic education

essay on importance of catholic education

more relatable to the student through her in depth lesson plans and willingness to help with assignments outside of school. Catholic schools: Communities of faith, knowledge, service. Catholic schools have been the pillar of my eagerness to gain knowledge.

By doing this you have started my off on the right path for a faith filled successful life. In recent decades, as both the Church and Australian society have changed, Catholic schools have continued to develop and to grow in quality and public esteem. Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for pushing me to further my education and my faith in God. The education that I have received at Catholic schools has made me a more complete person. One of the most powerful things that Catholic schools have given me is the willingness to serve. Victoria passed its Secular Education Act in 1872 and the other states soon followed, which meant an end of all government funding to non-government schools. Being of service to others is not just something I can think about, but it is a way of living that Ive been taught. Thank you for helping me not just through the good times but the bad times too, from when I am sick or injured. They challenge me in honors classes, and rigorous Advance Placement college level classes. Thank You for all the things I take for granted, like my home, food, water and other things some kids don't have. By Michael Schultz, when prompted to write about Catholic schools, all I could think was, What can I say about Catholic schools? Catholic Education, the church has always considered education its mission.

A Cath olic education means giving a student the opportunity to learn about the Holy.
Catholic Education Foundation essay contest winner.
Catholic sch ools have taught the importance of education through the many great.

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