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Research papers in computer science and engineering

research papers in computer science and engineering

roles as datasets in the exploration of questions in these and. Bio-informatics and other uses of CS in biology, biomedical engineering, and medicine, including systems biology (modeling interactions of multiple systems in a selected essays of orwell living organism, including immune systems and cancer development computational biophysics (modeling and understanding mechanical, electrical, and molecular-level interactions inside an organism computational neurobiology. Security of computer systems and support for digital democracy, including network-level security (intrusion detection and defense OS-level security (anti-virus SW) and physical security (biometrics, tamper-proof packaging, trusted computing on untrusted platforms support for personal privacy (efficient and user-friendly encryption free speech (file sharing, circumventing sensors. Hotness usually refers to how easy it is to make impact in the field and how impactful the field is likely to be in the broader sense. All papers are reviewed in a peer-review process. Ask a question, get a great answer. Application areas include automotive, aerospace, process control, network control, biological systems, multiagent and cooperative control, sensor networks, control of cyberphysical and energy-related systems, control of computing systems. CE - Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science ( new, recent, current month covers applications of computer science to the mathematical modeling of complex systems in the fields of science, engineering, and finance. Roughly includes material in ACM Subject Classes.2,.5,.0,.2, and.1.

originally appeared on Quora : The best answer to any question. Roughly includes material in ACM Subject Classes.3.5,.3.6,.3.7,.7. Also includes topics, such as web caching, that are directly relevant to Internet architecture and performance. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ( new, recent, current month ) Covers image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, and scene understanding.

This includes formal reasoning (proof systems and new types of logical arguments finding bugs efficiently and diagnosing them, finding bug fixes, and confirming the absence of bugs (usually by means of automated theorem-proving). In the past, once good model were found for something (such as computer-aided design of electronic circuits this research moves into a different field - the design of efficient algorithms, statistical models, computing hardware, etc. Papers on computer communication systems and network protocols (e.g. Csrd continues the tradition of publishing special issues on selected topics in the field of Software Engineering Systems. Roughly includes material in ACM Subject Classes.1 and.3. Software Engineering ( new, recent, current month ) Covers design tools, software metrics, testing and debugging, programming environments, etc. There are many interactions with abundant-data applications here, as well as with human-computer interaction, as well as with networking.

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