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Research paper on employer branding and talent management

research paper on employer branding and talent management

the findings. Methods of measuring human motivation. Retrieved January 19, 2011, from Charest,. Retrieved July 08, 2010, from Willock,. New York: Bernard Hodes Group. Wall Street Journal, R7R8. Research conducted by Deloitte LLP (2010) and by CareerBuilder (2008 which involved the analyses of 265 000 respondents, confirmed that in order for companies to attract and retain talent, they must be able to continuously deliver on the employer brand promise. What is in it for the employee). Trends from the research literature, the transition from the industrial era to the knowledge era has changed the employeremployee relationship paradigm, and the supply and demand curve for talent is becoming increasingly favoured towards the talented employee. A last limitation of this study is that the presented model has not been subject to empirical testing. Marketing News, 35,.

Organisational talent management and perceived employer branding

research paper on employer branding and talent management

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The quest to win the talent war has expanded to employer brand issues deemed to be related to the attraction and retention of talented staff (Bussin, 2007; Crous, 2007; Dell., 2001; Hallén, 2007; Lawler, 2000; Minchington, 2010; Prinsloo, 2008; Zingheim Schuster, 2000). Differentiated EVPs leverage core differentiating talent attraction aspects, and allows for targeted employer brand marketing efforts (Corporate Leadership Council, 2002; Kochanski, 2004; Minchington, 2010; Purkayastha, 2006; Sartain Schumann, 2006). The propositions are set in the discussion and mirror the flow of the employer brand predictive model which is depicted in the latter part of this section. These findings of Hodes (2006) were reiterated by research findings of Kgobe (2010) who found employer branding practices close gaps between what employees expect and what the organisation delivers. The model is informed by the aforementioned employer brand building blocks based on their significance relative to employer brand which in turn influences talent attraction and retention. Research approach The research paradigm adopted for this study is nonempirical and a model building approach was followed. Employer Branding: A Study of Its Relevance in India. New employee retention challenges. The impact of talent shortage obstructs organisational efforts to execute against growth strategies thereby rendering sustainability threats to organisations and straining economic growth (Boshard Louw, 2010; Charest, 2011; Ingham, 2006; Prinsloo, 2008). Both leading and lagging indicators should be included in employer branding measures to ensure business is supplied by relevant and useful knowledge rather than historical information, and delivery on the employer brand promise.

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