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Now i can speak english essay

now i can speak english essay

a science, technics, education, culture and quality of a life of people. So, I think I have a lucky chance "to make acquaintance with English" when I was a little girl. Attia When I was kid all I could possibly think of was games, and I'll tell you what, they were all in English, how the heck would a Brazilian boy on his 8's be able to understand any of the stories, I grew up thinking. Alan Moisant, France I learn English because English is a key to knowledge, science from past till now, it is a door to the world, where almost every letter is written in English language. It is the same with speaking English. On the other hand, it is also very difficult for non-native people to improve their speaking skills. So, people often misunderstand that speaking is basis of the process of learning itself. Available at: p accessed Bibliography Finocchiaro,. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will. I hope someday I will have a chance to go abroad and get succeed base on my own effort. Lilian Sedze, i learn English because I want to travel a lot.

now i can speak english essay

( Readily means quickly and without difficulty).
Speaking fluently and effectively in English is the skill that non-native people w ant.
The third part is about how English teachers can help non-native children.
Using these techniques, you will speak faster, more clearly, and mo re comfortably right now!
You will use the English you already know but.

now i can speak english essay

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This means that a variety of skills are necessary at the same time: understanding and observing other speakers, thinking about the contribution of oneself, creating that contribution and monitoring its effect. I could also write my own articles! Olena, Ukraine I learn English because I want to stay informed, understand native essay slave trade speakers and native speakers understand. Natalia Vavilova, Russia I learn English because it necesary for my interesting new job and good understanding in my travels which probably will be in the future. Danka Furtula, Serbia I learn English because it connects professional past, present and future like a river witnessing history along with time. Ugga Pandita, Myanmar English is my world and my world is in English. What can I do?

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