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City life essay in simple english

city life essay in simple english

people to progress in their lives. So the pollution is less. You can enjoy sunshine, greenery and tranquillity, and the people here are found to be very warm and friendly. Do you know differences between city life and village life? Indias centuries-long traditions still exist there. People in a city are always in a hurry. Similarly, though there is a lack of modern facilities in rural areas, but the clean air and peace are beneficial for the health of the people living there. A middle class family of four or five members has to accommodate in a box like room in slums. Farmers are the backbone of rural economy. . There are also good opportunities for employment in cities unlike villages where very few people are gainfully employed. Delicacies are rampant in big cities.

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They love to chase their dreams of money, power and social status. Unfortunately, the search for jobs and the glare of material comforts and facilities is leading to large-scale migration of people from rural to urban areas. Rustic simplicity and natural beauty is emblematic of Indian culture and heritage. To sum up, city has many advantages over village, because city offers modern life facilities are easily available. Villages hold a mirror to Indian culture and heritage. The life of farmers is close to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of cities. The first case is often described as the financial capital, such as Frankfurt in Germany. Life to him is an exciting adventure, full of novelty and unexpectedness at every turn.

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