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Research papers on scurvy

research papers on scurvy

Epidemiology has shown a strong correlation between increased vitamin C levels and reduced occurrence of oral, esophageal, stomach, and pancreatic cancers. Some studies have also shown that vitamin C may aid in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and stroke. 241 In spite of bettering medical techniques and medical supplies, the portion of battlefield wounded who died continually increased throughout the war. 62 Increased vitamin C has also been shown to improve HDL cholesterol and decrease blood pressure. 225 The rest died from scurvy and other vitamin deficiencies. In hindsight, it is obvious that poor diet would cause scurvy and other diet deficiencies to be tremendous problems during the age of sail. Vitamin C Deficiency and Scurvy Almost every species of animal is capable of converting glucose into ascorbic acid.

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87 Therefore, humans must consume the entirety of keyhole essay harvard their vitamin C needs in the diet. 209 Even when the ships reached the island, approximately another eighty men died of scurvy while being brought ashore or shortly after. 83 In addition, the vitamin C content for foods drops dramatically once cooked. 219 The ship then set sail for Macao (Portuguese province in China) where the crew stayed for the winter. 189 Historians believe that the poor manning of Ansons fleet contributed to the voyages high death rates from scurvy. Effect of ascorbic acid on plasma alcohol clearance.

(PDF) Infantile Scurvy: Two Case Reports - ResearchGate Experimental Scurvy in Man The American Journal of Clinical Medical aspects of the development of scurvy: past and present Unrecognised scurvy The BMJ

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